Welcome!  I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.  I have been in the "green industry" since 1983.  I have worked for several different landscape companies in several different capacities.  I started out in the field as a laborer shortly after high school.

Being so young at the time, the physical end of the business did not bother me and was second nature during my workday.  What really interested me was an awareness that there was much more to the profession.  Both science AND art play a role in landscape construction.  I soon decided to enter Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  My time at Stockbridge was fulfilling and successful. Next, I entered the University of Massachusetts and got a degree in Landscape Architecture.  I graduated in 1991.

I have continued in the field and have progressed to the place where I am now: Garden Menus.   The name reflects the emphasis on garden.  That is where we work, what we want to create.  The word "menu" suggests variety or choices, not a "one flavor" only or one size fits all.  We want to pull from the client what they want and give that to them.  Our success is simply measured by client satisfaction.

We are a small company and purposely so.  We do not want to get ahead of ourselves and not give the time, effort, and care to what we do.  No matter how small the project.  Let us know how we might be able to help you.